Fraser Bowers is a Berlin-based composer and audio engineer. His work has been heard on national radio, in corporate advertising and at film festivals. He’s been working as a composer and audio engineer since 2009 and graduated with a first-class degree in Music from the University of Edinburgh in 2013.  Recent clients include fashion retailer Zalando, electropop band Ant Antic and filmmaker Yannick Spiess.
Music – Commercial
Ant Antic

Contemporary R&B co-produced and co-composed with Tobias Koett for Ant Antic.


Sound recorded, edited and mixed for a video series commissioned by Zalando to celebrate International Women’s Day. Video by Tommi Aittala.

Music – Art
Lagoon Parliament

Ambient sound installation composed for Lagoon Parliament. Debuted at KuLe Berlin as part of the Transmediale Vorspiel 2019.

Music – Film

Excerpt from soundtrack composed for upcoming short film Bauland. Film directed and written by Yannick Spiess.